Helping the most forgotten of all those in need... persons with disabilities

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Our Team


Through its Board of Directors, Community Services Project determined its focus as the provider of quality employment opportunities for persons with disabilities by placement of individuals referred by various Offices of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, the Ticket To Work Program, and contractual janitorial arrangements with state agencies, private contractors, and health care organizations. Our services include job placement, housekeeping/environmental, and the role of “universal worker” in the assisted living community.


Private and state employers in our communities, healthcare facilities, rest areas, state office buildings, and private sector buildings of all sizes. References furnished upon request.

Mary O’Bryan
Executive Director
Michael O’Bryan
President and CEO
Dr. Trish Roberts
Vice President of Job Placement and Fundraising
Kristy Coleman, CPA
Vice President of Finance
Sharon Haynes Lovejoy
Vice President of Operations
Amanda Waits
Director of Job Placement Programs & Services
Linda Grosshans
Office Manager