Helping the most forgotten of all those in need... persons with disabilities

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Top 10 Reasons to Use CSP as Your Employment Network

1. Community Services Project, Inc. (CSP) is an approved Employment Network (EN) for the Social Security Administration (SSA) – “Ticket to Work Program” (TTW).

2. CSP is committed to providing competitive, fulfilling, employment opportunities for persons with disabilities while guiding the “ticket holder” on how to maintain their job long term as well as their benefits, and to halt the need for SSA medical reviews.

3. CSP has 10 years experience working with persons with disabilities.

4. Our staff understands how important it is for you, the “ticket holder”, to find a meaningful job that meets your employment goal.

5. Our staff assists “ticket” holders to find quality employment by developing partnerships with employer’s who are enthusiastic about working with persons with disabilities (PWD).

6. CSP staff helps you, our consumer, to create or perfect your resume/cover letter for your job search and potential employers.

7. Prior to a consumer interview, our staff will work with the individual to prepare for the interview process by conducting a “mock interview”.

8. Once employment is secured by the “ticket” holder and CSP staff will continue to provide the consumer needed support and guidance.

9. CSP staff assist a consumer to find and maintain employment, which in turn, helps the “ticket” holder during their timely progress review with SSA.

10. Our staff understands that finding the consumer a job is just the first step in the EN process. Our staff is dedicated to assisting the consumer find a job and maintain their job until the “ticket” holder has reached their TTW employment goal.